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These are cars that we've built for ourselves or to sell. We love taking on the shop car projects, not only because we love to drive them but it gives the opportunity for a blank canvas.


1937 Ford Pick Up

"Carusso’s Part Hauler"

Owner Chris Ball

Originally built and owned by Tommy Carusso, this hot rod pickup truck is also an old survivor new england hot rod. Originally housing a 1952 331 cadillac mill (currently cracked and in process of being fixed). We obtained the truck and had a goal of preserving it and only refreshing it a bit to make it look a little cleaner and be mechanically sound.




1929 Model A Roadster Pick Up

"The RPU and a Half"

This was Chris’ personal car for a long time, it was intended to be built from a late 50’s early sixties lense but built with straight line performance in mind, this car is a “war machine”. Many hard miles were put on her and plenty of light to light races before she also landed on the shores of Japan.

Availability: SOLD




1928 Model A Tudor Sedan

"Hard Boiled 28"


1928 Ford Model A Tudor traditional hot rod. Chopped 4” with 32 grill shell and insert, 1935 ford 16” wires with 750-16 firestones in the rear and 475/525-16 firestones in the front, stock A chassis with fabricated trans-mount, pedal assy mount, front/rear stiffing plates and rear spring mount. 1940 ford 85hp flathead stock rebuild, 39 toploader trans, 1940 ford rear, shortened 40 torque tube, 1940 front wishbones split with a 4” dropped axle. Early ford brakes all around, F100 steering box with shorted shaft and column sleeve shortened. Geardrive cone style headers with baffle kit.

Availability: SOLD





1972 Honda CB350 Cafe


1972 Honda CB350 cafe project, most stock accessories and components removed, stock engine/trans, stock brakes rebuilt, firestone 550-16 piecrusts added, cafe bars and controls added from dimecity cycle, new 30mm mikuni’s added from dimecity cycle, battery and wiring relocated into reapolstered seat, 1937 ford car taillight, aftermarket small diameter headlight added, small 10” mufflers added along with natural exhaust wrap, stock tank used and repainted in rootbeer color with pinstriping from charlie decker.

Availability: SOLD




1929 Ford Tudor Sedan 

"Dad's A"
Owner Dave Ball Sr.

This is a hot rod originally built and completed in 1976, and has never been off the the road since, a true old survivor New England Hot Rod.




1951 Ford Tudor Sedan Mild Custom

Owner Dave Ball jr.

What started as a mild build turned into a complete frame off restoration with keeping to early period custom touches and only a few modern upgrades. The goal with this car has been to keep it mostly Henry and have subtle Hop Ups that really blend well. 





1956 Cadillac Series 62 

"Gramps Caddy"
Owner Dave Ball Sr.

1956 Cadillac series 62 coupe in mostly stock trim with mechanical restoration on chassis components started.