Dad's A

Availability: Shop owner car, not for sale.

The build

This is a hot rod originally built and completed in 1976, and has never been off the the road since, a true old survivor New England Hot Rod.

Engine & Drivetrain

1976 400 cubic inch small block Chevy with a turbo 400 automatic transmission and 12 bolt chevy rear end. 

Body & Chasis

Body was chopped 3”, flat panel engine turned 1/2” aluminum firewall was added and recessed 3”. All set on a stock model a chassis that has been boxed and tubular x-member added. 

Suspension, Wheels & Brakes

A 1964 Corvair front suspension was added, and a fabricated ladder bar rear suspension with similar vintage coilovers, all parts used were from a junk yard or taken from other cars in true early hot rodding style.


GM Tilt Column, Vega shifter, While it’s had several different seats throughout the years, it still continues to be a work in progress after all these years!