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Service & Maintenance, component rebuilds, and repair.

We provide repair service and general maintenance of your antique, classic, or hot rod. As well as more involved mechanical/electrical sorting tasks.

Example vehicles range from a heavy dose of Model A Fords and Early Ford V8's, Traditional Hot Rod mechanical/electrical sorting, 50's era American and European autos including Aircooled, as well as 60's era American, European, and Aircooled Service.

Some of our specialized maintenance services:

  • Early Ford Transmission rebuild service for 1932-1948 cars and pickups and 1948-1952 pickups. 
  • Early Ford Rear Differential rebuild service for 1928-1948 cars or pickups including R&P swap for gear ratio changes.
  • 1932-1953 Flathead V8 Engine Rebuild Service
  • 1955-86 GM V8 Engine Rebuild Service
  • 1928-56 Ford Steering Box Rebuild Service (also F1 steering flange swap)
  • 1928-53 Ford Carburetor and Fuel Pump Rebuild Service
  • 1928-48 Ford Kingpin Replacement Service
  • 1928-34 Ford Tierod and Draglink Rebuild Service
  • 1928-31 Ford E-brake Actuator Rebuild Service
  • 1928-48 Ford Brake Component Rebuild Service
  • 1928-48 Ford Brake Shoe Re-lining Service

Drop off your components or ship it for repairs. (We can help you coordinate the shipping.)

Design & Build

Most shops don’t have the chops to compete with our unique combination of engineering, mechanics and design experience — not to mention a big dose of creativity. While our skills are founded in modern teachings and practical application, our inspiration is pure hot rod history and customization. We can build from scratch, tinker on an existing vehicle and just about anything in between. And we base our work on what you want, not what’s good for our portfolio.

Once we decide on a concept together, here’s how things go:

  • Complete disassembly and/or parts evaluation:
  • Dry or chemical strip
  • Parts procurement begins
  • Parts and subassembly restoration begins
  • Vehicle inspection and evaluation upon return
  • Metal repair and panel replacement/quality check
  • Body fitment phase/quality check
  • Priming/paint phase
  • Quality check 
  • Safety inspection
  • Tuning
  • Road testing
  • Final detail and quality inspection
  • Delivery!



We’re trained machining and welding professionals that can deliver quality work. Forty plus years as a high-tech industry fabrication have given the chops needed to deliver excellence. 

Almost all fabrication is done in-house. We do everything from heavy chassis and frame modification to light body panel alterations and create custom engine, transmission, steering, brake/clutch and rear differential mounts.

Local shops and their customers trust us. We’re often called on to create or complete fabrication work that’s too complicated or in need of completion.

Check out some of our work in the shop builds under projects section of our site.


Rolling Chassis

We handle all flavors from custom designed configurations to varying levels of completion, based on your needs. Our extensive knowledge of chassis components, application and system designs allow us to think ahead and design or modify any chassis so it performs like it should. Driving straight, true and above all, ensuring that it is safe. No creating garage trophies that are just mean to be shined and dusted here.

We can take your perimeter frame to a complete rolling assembly, ready for the body to be installed. Installing the suspension components, plumbing, wiring and setup is our specialty.


Machine shop service

Our mechanical knowledge and expertise allows to operate with full machine shop capabilities - unlike many of our competition. This means we can provide milling, drilling, & turning for any component fabrication and/or modification. We can provide Tig Welding (Stainless Steel, Steel, and Aluminum), Mig welding, Brazing.


Paint and Body

This about the only thing that we don’t do in-house, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care. We prep your vehicle for all final body work, at which time you can use a paint shop of your choice or used one of our trusted vendors.


Auto Restorations & Conversions

Bringing a car from the junkyard to a museum is no easy feat. That’s what we’re here for. We’re committed to providing the highest quality, most detailed automobile restorations in the industry. Our specialty is early Ford, Model A, V8, Traditional V8 converted traditional Hot Rods, early to late Aircooled VW & Porsche.

Car Restoration Services

You’ll find our customer's cars in magazines and national car show events, where they’re winning top honors. Our dedication to the craft and to keeping you in the loop ensures that your valuable property is in good hands. (Be sure to compare one of our cars to one restored by another shop. We’re not afraid.)

Driver Level Restorations

We know you spend money on other things too. Vehicles restored at this level will still be high quality in shows but expenses in certain areas will be minimized based your specific goals and expectations.

Progressive Restorations

Maybe you’re a lucky son of a gun with a collector vehicle. When the years start to show, check out our progressive restoration service. We set per-visit milestones for your specific restoration, so you get maximum enjoyment over time.


International Shipping & Handling

Just because you need a vehicle shipped out of the country, doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. We’ll pack and crate the parts (purchased by you or us) and coordinate the transportation and documentation from both the seller and the shipper to get your dream car delivered safely. We've bought, sold and shipped cars beyond the U.S. to Japan, Europe and Australia. Give us a call to discuss your needs, as this requires a custom work order.

Contact us, and we'll be happy to send along some of our referrals.

Auto Brokering (Foreign & Domestic)

Selling your car can be about as enjoyable as ice cream on a filling. We can eliminate some of the pain. 

Let us: 

  • Help you determine the right price
  • Advertise your vehicle on our site and networking it throughout our national venues
  • Negotiate and finalize all aspects of the sale
  • Schedule the inspection and shipping

Occasionally, your vehicle might be right for our inventory. Give us a shout to find out.

Our brokerage fees 

  • Vehicles up to $5,000 - $500 fixed fee
  • Vehicles up to $10,000 - $1,000 fixed fee
  • Vehicles $10,000 to $25,000 10% fee
  • Vehicles $25,000 to $50,000 8% fee
  • Vehicles over $50,000 - 6% fee



Auto Location Services

Really want a car but don’t have the time to look or maybe the experience to find exactly what you need? We’ll use our skills and network to locate the perfect vehicle for you.

Here are some ways we can help:

  • Meet to discuss your expectations
  • Settle on a budget
  • Locate cars for your consideration
  • Determine a fair market value and help you negotiate
  • Do a full pre-purchase mechanical and cosmetic inspection
  • Provide post transaction delivery
  • Complete post transaction detailing, maintenance or restoration

Location fees for vehicle

6% of transaction fee ($1,000 min.) plus expenses