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Current Client Projects


Whalen 1931 Ford Model A Roadster

"Whalebones Black Dahlia" 
Owner: Rich Whalen

Rich Whalen came to us with the desire to build a traditional post war 31 model a roadster and he came equipped with many pictures!!! Check out and followed the detailed build





Silverio 1933 Ford Tudor Sedan

Owner: Erik Silverio of Krazy Kustoms

Eric came to us with a 1933 Ford model 40 tudor that was pulled from a field. The chassis was in rough condition but the body is surprisingly good condition. The customer decided he wanted an aftermarket chassis and components to handle the 1967 396 chevy that he had from a previous project. Eric had two guidelines to work within, he wanted equipment strong enough to handle/have fun with the BBC, the second was safety/drivability as a family hot rod.





Keene 1934 Plymouth Tudor Sedan Street Rod

Owner: Leo Keene

Leo came to us with a project that had been started but not finish at another shop that has since gone out of business. 





1931 Ford Victoria 

Owner: Corey Church

Cory came to us with a few simple requests that can be summarized into one theme. Drivability. He was looking for a much more comfortable highway friendly experience without effecting the absolute core beauty and originality of this Vicky. 



Past Projects