Carburetors, Linkage, Distributors and Wires. No Code Required.

Mechanic/Technician (Vintage Vehicles Pre-1968) 


You will work for one of New England’s up and coming restoration and custom car shops well known for their knowledge, craftsmanship and customer service. Millworks specializes in both creating and selling parts for Early Ford restorations, hot rods, and customs; but also repairs and services a variety of vintage vehicles such as early corvettes & vintage air-cooled. 

In this junior to mid-level position, you’ll be responsible for working independently and alongside a team to complete a myriad of mechanical servicing and fabrication needs. Having knowledge and experience on vintage car mechanical systems will be needed as you complete your daily and weekly tasks. You will also assist with will call parts counter or online vintage parts sales during peak business hours.

Must be a smart problem solver that can work independently, where tasks and responsibilities can sometimes overlap because we’re small. You will need to be organized and have good communication skills to be successful in upholding our company service level. You need to check ego at the door being ready to listen to customers and eager to learn on a daily basis to create the best, well-built cars and customer experience we possibly can. Most importantly you must enjoy a life of working, living and breathing vintage cars. If you don’t, then this job is not for you.



  • Minimum 2 years schooling / 4 years of field experience
  • Must have your own tools and box
  • Mechanical service skills required (general tune-up of vintage ignition & carburetor systems, servicing of mechanical & hydraulic braking systems, ability to diagnose electro-mechanical systems)
  • Entry level fabrication skills with hand tools @ minimum. Layout, drilling, tapping, milling, turning, welding, and use of fabrication tools preferred.
  • Examples of your personal projects and previous and/or current job projects


Job Perks

  • Up to 70% Paid Health Insurance Premium, commensurate with tax filing status.
  • 2 weeks paid vacation plus additional mandatory shut-down holidays.
  • Quarterly bonus opportunity
  • Donuts every week!
  • 4 day work week (40 hr), Overtime also available 

To apply for the position, please use our general contact form