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The build

Originally built and owned by Tommy Carusso, this hot rod pickup truck is also an old survivor new england hot rod. We obtained the truck and had a goal of preserving it and only refreshing it a bit to make it look a little cleaner and be mechanically sound.


Current engine is a 1956 power pack 265 chevy fully rebuilt and bored .060 over, 9:1 compression, with forged crank/rods. A Duntov 097 solid lifter flat tappet stick makes sure it makes power all the way up to 6800rpm and sounds good. Engine is adapted to a 39 top loader with 27 tooth gear set and connected with an NOS Speed Gems adapter. Rear is a 1940 with 3.78;1 gears and early juice brakes.

Body & Interior

Car wears a 1936 Ford pickup grill, guide headlights, dietz firetruck fog lights, stock bumpers, a 40 deluxe steering wheel,  and oak bed wood kit.

Chassis & Suspension

The front end is a 4” dropped axle with gas shocks added and a stock un-split wishbone. 

Wheels & Brakes:

F1 Bendix style brakes out front and the wheels are 1940 16”x4” painted in Washington blue with 550’s upfront 750’s in the rear.