Carburetors, Linkage, Distributors and Wires. No Code Required.

Availability: Shop owner car, not for sale.


The build

What started as a mild build turned into a complete frame off restoration with keeping to early period custom touches and only a few modern upgrades. The goal with this car has been to keep it mostly Henry and have subtle Hop Ups that really blend well. 

Engine & Drivetrain

Engine is an 8BA flathead V8 that has been completely rebuilt and bored 0.060” over. Jahns pistons, Isky Max 1 cam and isky adjustable lifters, The heads are Offenheuser 400’s that have been decked 0.050” giving the flathead engine a 9:1 compression ratio. Carburation includes an Edelbrock intake manifold with three Holly 94‘s and a Mallory dual point distributer The transmission is a late model 4 speed top loader that’s been adapted to the to fit the 8BA. Giving it the ability to purr on the highway!

Body & Interior

Body will be chopped 3-4”, Running a stock 51 Ford Dash and 49 steering wheel. Interior, paint and exact body finish TBD. Stay tuned.

Chassis & Suspension

Chassis has been completely rebuilt while lowering it 4.5 inches using Fatman Jamco and Fenton suspension components ie: drop spindles, springs, steering arms, lowering blocks.

Wheels & Brakes

OEM Chromed 15x4” wheels with stock 1951 center caps, American Tire wide whites bias tires, Fully rebuilt OEM drum brakes and stainless brake lines.