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The build

This was a barn find from a friend littered with bullet holes. We wanted to keep the original character of this one because it seemed like it came with a story. So we decide to stick with a traditional post war style and make it simple AV8 and shine runnin’ badass. The most difficult part of this build was dealing with 44 bullet holes! 

Chris still wishes he kept this one around for himself!!!

Engine & Drivetrain

A 1940 ford 85 horse flathead that was rebuilt with stock internals and new rings, bearings, valves, and ground seats. A stock ignition converted to 12V, single Holley 94, stock wire set and a set of painted Geardrive cone-style headers with a baffle kit - to make it tough, but not obnoxious. We mated the flathead to 1939 top-loader transmission, 1940 ford rear end, connected using a shortened 1940 torque tube with a driveshaft made from round DOM tubing instead of solid shaft. 

Chasis & Suspension

An F100 steering box was modified to fit the ‘A’ rails with shortened pitman arm and column. We left the stock un-boxed Model A chassis but added a custom fabricated transmission mount, stiffening supports, and pedal assembly mount. The model a rear spring was stretched and reversed to get the rear stance. The front was a simple 4” dropped axle, round-back spindles, split 39-40 wishbones, lincoln brakes out front and stock 40‘s outback. 1939 pedal assembly took care of the clutch and binding. We then rounded everything out with a nice set of Firestone shoes wrapped around 1935 Ford 16” wires powder coated black with NOS centers, 750-16/475-16. Giving it the perfect rake we were going for. 

Body & Interior

The stock roof height was chopped 4” and we decided to keep it in primer while also retaining some of the original imperfections and patina under the primer. We almost left the bullet holes, because it was so damn cool.  Custom fabricated Gauge cluster welded to the stock dash rail which held the three essential guages, ignition, and light switches. The bomber bucket seats were a pleated buckskin vinyl.