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It took a lot of balls to start Millworks. Well, three actually. Ourselves, Chris and Dave Ball, and our inspiration — our father, Dave Ball, Senior. We worked alongside the old man for 30 years, helping bring his personal babies to life as we repaired and restored muscle cars and traditional hot rods. Then, in 2007, we kicked our cushy corporate jobs to the curb to pursue a life of the hand-crafted and the hard-working. It’s not just what we do. It’s who we are.

We’re passionate about hot rods, motorcycles, punk rock and all things vintage. We’re New England-founded, hailing from Boston’s working class suburbs and first opening Millworks in Billerica’s historic Faulkner Mills. We dream big and run lean. And we believe there’s nothing more satisfying than creating something truly unique with your own two hands.

To do work this niche takes guts. Sweat. Sleepless nights. And, naturally, balls. We wouldn’t have it any other way.



We bring over two decades of experience in creative design, engineering and fabrication to our shop. And it is a shop in every sense of the word. It’s where we handcraft one-off and limited edition, vintage-inspired cars — and sell all of the parts and gear that goes along with them. It’s a real place where real work is happening for real enthusiasts. For a real good value.

Design & Build • Fabrication • Rolling Chassis • Service & Maintenance • Restorations & Conversions • Auto Brokering (Foreign & Domestic) 


Collaborate with you
To create the best experience in the industry, we discuss what you like and don’t, how you’ll use the vehicle and your aesthetic preferences. Then, we sketch a concept and mood boards before any design begins. After all, you should be just as pumped about the finished product as we are.
Sweat the small stuff
High quality craftsmanship is everything to us and we obsess over the details. And if that means lower margins for a better product, we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Bypass bull
We make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for and what you can expect in return. We like to make, repair and restore stuff that most folks can afford on a reasonable budget.
Support small and stay domestic
We know small business can do big things and high quality is found right here in the U.S. So we use local independent fabricators, manufacturers and artists like Gear Drive, One Armed Bandit and Carusso’s Garage.
Celebrate the American spirit
We’re for everyone inspired by early American ingenuity and values. Our community innovates, shares and discovers together for the art of customization. Tried and true to cutting edge.
Play it safe
We don’t make cars that will never see the road. Our hot rods are meant to be driven, so safety is paramount in the design and build. If we’re not sure it’s safe, it’s not happening.