Carburetors, Linkage, Distributors and Wires. No Code Required.

"Whalebones Black Dahlia" 

Status: In Progress

The build

Rich Whalen came to us with the desire to build a traditional post war 31 model a roadster and he came equipped with many pictures!!!

Engine & Drivetrain

We found a very rare NOS stock 1939 Mercury 99A flathead with untouched original paint that had been slated for an irrigation pump from a local golf course. We added a later two bolt stock dual point distributer and crab cap, new high flow water pumps, new wires. The carbs will be feed through a 1934 ford aluminum single carb intake topped with a vern tardel y adapter and 2 stromberg 97’s. The engine will be mated to a later model 4 speed OD top loader transmission and connect to a wilson welding “speed Demon” quick change rear.

Engine & Drivetrain

Body is a Brookville 1931 stock tank body that will be painted black and the interior is TBD.

Chassis & Suspension

The body will be on a stock chassis that has a Vern Tardel 32 k-member added, x-member from the k back. An unsplit 32 front wishbones will be mounted to a 4” dropped Magnum axle. The rear wishbones are 1934 split  and mounted to x-member w/torque arm added. The f1 front shock mounts will also serve as headlight mounts for the 1936 passenger headlight!!!

Wheels & Brakes:

39 lincoln brakes will do the binding and steel wheels powder coated black wrapped in 700-18 and 550-15 firestones!!