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Status: Completed

The build

John came to us as a referral, after a few other shops had failed to deliver. After spending thousands with other shops the wiring, plumbing, suspension setup, and a slipping transmission was still not sorted. So he asked to do what we could on a shoestring budget to make his dream drivable. 

After digging into the build, we uncovered much more than what John had expected. Now we’re not into mudslinging, but the fact is, this work takes craftsmanship, trained skill, and education! John was taken for a bit of a ride at the last shop the car was at so we felt it necessary to stick to his budget and get him a car even if it meant a bit of free work.

John was extremely happy with the work completed. He and his son love this car, driving it like a daily driver, putting over 30,000 miles put on it since completing the work on it in 2010. How’s that for hot rodding.

Engine & Drivetrain

400 SBC mated to turbo350 transmission and connected to an 8” rear.

Body & Interior

Stock 1929 Ford model a roadster pickup

Chassis & Suspension

Total Performance complete stage 3 chassis

Wheels & Brakes

15” steel wheels and michelin rubber.