Status: In Progress

The build

Cory came to us with a few simple requests that can be summarized into one theme. Drivability. He was looking for a much more comfortable highway friendly experience without effecting the absolute core beauty and originality of this Vicky. 

Custom & Component Upgrades

A full hydraulic brake conversion was added to this car using a combination of stock V8 backing plates, hubs, and drums; also some modification kits from Clings were used. We changed the tire and wheel package to a set of 1935 ford 16” wire wheels and Coker classic rubber. While performing the brake upgrade we service his steering components, spindles,  and shock links. A shorter pitman arm was added to improve steering also. A mitchell full syncro transmission was added swapping out the stock in order to eliminate double clutching and a ring and pinion gear change to 3.54 is on the docket to give him highway speeds!!

Engine & Drivetrain

All stock

Body & Interior

All stock

Chassis & Suspension

All stock

Wheels & Brakes

Hydraulic brake upgrade from stock mechanical. 1935 Ford wire wheels with Coker 16” wide white rubber.