Complete Bolt-On AV8 Conversion Kit - Ford Model A to Flathead V8 Ford

$ 1,799.99

If you've tried installing a V8 in Model A, you probably now know that it is not a straight forward task. Traditionally this has required the use of later model pedals, mounts and crossmembers. Hunting these down is time consuming and expensive - if you can find originals. And if you don't have fabrication chops, this task got even more complicated. Unfortunately, most people find this out the hard way. 

Our Old Yankee Speed Co complete AV8 kit solves this common dilemma. This kit is designed with using stock Model A components, not later model, hard to find V8 parts. This makes the swap easier and more cost effective because you most likely can use what you already have. With a little bit of homework and know how, this kit makes it easy to install a Ford Flathead V8 (1932-1953) into your stock Model A chassis with very little modification. All you will need to do is drill some holes and make some clearance for your driveshaft, the rest is bolt on. (common hand tools are required for installation) 


Use your A stuff

Design focused on the Model A. So there’s no swapping later model Ford pedals cross member, or more costly and rare V8 parts.


No BS “bolt-in” ready design, just drills holes and clearance

If you can use a drill and common hand tools, you can put this kit in. If not, you should pay someone to do it for you. Seriously.


The assurance of dual reservoir braking

You can be confident that you'll be able to stop in an emergency if a brake circuit fails with a dual master cylinder


One stop conversion

We have most all of the components you’ll need or want; the conversion kit, the hydraulic brakes/ebrake, pedals, springs, carbs, axles, distributor, radiator and water pumps. We can also rebuild your flathead, 3 speed transmission and rear end.


What's included:
Hydraulic Brakes Version
  • Transmission mount with rubber biscuit mounts
  • Transmission mount boxing plates
  • Pedal mount with linkage
  • Motor mounts with rubber biscuit mounts
  • Wishbone/Radius Rod mount
  • e-Brake mount
  • Clutch release shaft
  • Master cylinder mount and 1" bore dual master cylinder
  • Mounting hardware including pedal bushings and pedal shaft collar

Mechanical Brake Version
  • Transmission mount with rubber biscuit mounts
  • Transmission mount boxing plates
  • Pedal mount only
  • Motor mounts with rubber biscuit mounts
  • Wishbone/Radius Rod mount
  • e-Brake mount
  • Clutch release shaft
  • Mounting hardware including pedal bushings and pedal shaft collar
  • Hydraulic brake upgrade kit available with proof of purchase for $400



    V8 Top loader transmission - Ford 3 Speed V8 “top loader” or top shift style transmission, made from 1935-1939 Ford Passenger Car and 1946-1952 Ford Pick-up

    Ford F1 1948-1952 steering box conversion - This steering conversion is needed in order to clear the flathead engine block and provide room for F1 style headers. This will provide upgraded steering experience and ease of installation. 1928-1931 Model A steering boxes will likely create clearance issues. For more information on F1 box installation, please contact us.

    1942-1948 Car or 1942-1952 Pickup "narrow" style rear mount on transmission -  This mount should measure roughly 8" center to center. The mount may appear like its part of the transmission, but it is a separate mount. There are 3 version of the transmission mount within the compatible years. Please double check your fitment (See examples below). We also have these original transmission mounts for sale on the website from time to time.

    Electric cooling fan for 8BA - When installing any 8BA Flathead V8 (1949-1953) into any Model A, the use of a mechanical cooling fan may be difficult. Placing the mechanical fan very close to the radiator. To make this easier, we recommend installing an electric cooling fan.

    1937-1948 or 8BA water pumps - The motor mount and transmission mount combo are intended to be used with 1937-1948 Ford water pumps or 1949-1952 8BA truck pumps only. You will not be able to install the engine without either of these style water pumps.


    Q: Can I use my stock Model A rear end with your kit?

    A: Yes, absolutely.


    Q: Does this kit bolt up to a Model A torque tube driveshaft without the need to shorten or modify the torque tube?

    A: Yes. No modifications will be needed with a stock Model A driveshaft

    Q: Does this kit bolt up to a V8 torque tube driveshaft without the need to shorten or modify the torque tube?

    A: No. The V8 driveshafts will have to be cut down.

    Q: Can I use my Model A radius rod / wishbone?

    A: Yes. Our mount is designed for un-split wishbone, if you would like to use spilt wishbones, we have those components too. Just contact us.

    Q: What’s the difference in the hydraulic vs. mechanical kit?

    A: The master cylinder, master cylinder mount and linkage only comes with the hydraulic version. This can be purchased at a later point as an upgrade. Just contact us.

    Q: Can I use my stock Model A friction shocks with your motor mounts?

    A: Yes. The motor mounts are designed to fit the stock Model a frame holes.

    Q: Will my Model A rear radius rods interfere with the master cylinder?

    A: No. We have master cylinders with the ports on both sides. You'll be contacted after you purchase your kit on which one you'll need.