AV8 Stainless Exhaust System 1.75" Side Exit - Ford Model A 1928-1931

$ 1,099.99


High quality, tig welded stainless 1.75" exhaust system made with shorty 14" stainless Porter Mufflers that are great for traditional hot rod exhaust systems. Born from frustration of an easy, good looking and quality solution for AV8 builds, the system is a perfect fit into a full-fender Model A 28-31 with the exhaust exiting out the side between the end of the running board and beginning of the rear fender. Specially designed to work with Red's Model A AV8 F1 header's Part Number 3388 . 

The exhaust tubing is premium 1.75" stainless steel and comes with clamps and vibration dampening exhaust hangers. The muffler design is universal and bi-directional with very good airflow and a straight through design. They produce a well balanced exhaust note that's gives that "just right" sound, loud when you get on it and tame enough for just cruising. No annoying drone.

Muffler Measurements:
  • 14" Body Length
  • 18" Overall Length (2" extensions on both sides)
  • 1.75" ID Inlet and Outlet
What's Included:
  • QTY 2 14" stainless shorty 1.75" Porter muffler (Old Yankee Exclusive Product)
  • 1.75" stainless tubing tig welded
  • QTY 4 stainless exhaust clamps
  • QTY 4 vibration dampening exhaust hangers

PLEAE NOTE: Exhaust is made to order. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.