Upper Side Steer Spindle Steering Arm Slingshot - Standard and Polished

$ 89.99



For Use With 1928-1948 Ford Spindles

Spindle Mounting Center to Center Width: 3.300"
Mounting Flange to Tie Rod Center: 6 1/4"
Tie Rod End Taper Angle: 7 Degree
Thread Size: 1/2" - 20

Standard Version

1/2"-20 blind hole thread. Fits 1937-1948 Ford spindles. Engineered for side steer applications. Accepts 5/8" or 11/16" Ford tie rod ends. Tapered 7 degrees in one direction. Reversible to change taper direction. 

Polished Stainless Version

Manufactured from investment cast 17-4 grade stainless steel and fully polished, this steering arm can be flipped over to allow the tie rod end to be inserted from the top or bottom. The long ratio is engineered to provide a smoother turning radius and a more comfortable ride than other options. This item is also available in un-polished stainless steel on this store. Search for Side Steer Steering Arm in the search box to learn more.


1 (ONE)
Stainless Steel Upper Steering Arm (standard finish or polished)


Taper can be drilled out with a 5/8" drill bit to accept 5/8" heim joint or rod end.

Remember to always use Anti-Seize on all stainless steel and aluminum parts.