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Stainless Steel Swan Neck Bolt On Mirrors Polished

$ 109.99


4" stainless steel mirror heads with offset mounting stud for maximum adjustability and concave base to properly mount tight against the body. Bolt on design reduces mirror wobble. Sculpted mirror head bullets accept wrench for tightening. Includes mounting hardware and gaskets. SOLD IN PAIRS


Universal Hot Rod, Street Rod, and Custums Mirror Assembly

The highest quality mirrors on the market; plain and simple. Carefully designed stainless steel stems manufactured in rights and lefts to keep an aerodynamic and symmetrical look when mounted. The stems are made with a concave base so you only need to drill 1 mounting hole; once you get the mirror aligned and tightened there will be no movement or play. The sculpted bullet nut is designed to accept a wrench when tightening so you can actually get the mirror to stay put unlike the other brands as well. All mounting studs and washers included.


1 (ONE)
Left Side Polished Stainless Steel Mirror Stem
1 (ONE) Right Side Polished Stainless Steel Mirror Stem
2 (TWO) 4" Polished Stainless Steel Backed Mirrors with Bullet Nuts
2 (TWO) Mounting Gaskets
1 (ONE) Mounting Hardware Kit


Note: The tear drop style stem base is designed with a slight concave for an added grip once installed so there is no need for a second locating mounting hole.

All mirror kits are pre assembled before shipping.

Remember to always use Anti-Seize on all stainless steel and aluminum parts.