Shift tower rebuild service

$ 150.00

The shift tower is an important part of the transmission. its houses the shift forks for actuating the different gears, also housing the detents to keep the car in the selected gear. Over the years these detents and slides can wear down and the car can pop out of gear during acceleration, or become hard to shift. Getting the tower rebuild can provide a tighter shift, and keep the car in gear. 

Every rebuild gets completely disassembled, media blasted and primed with a sandable etching primer. You'll get new detents, springs, detent caps and end caps (where applicable). Shift forks, Slides, and case are cleaned and inspected. You will be contacted in case any of these are no good and need to be replaced at an additional charge.

A core is required for this order. If you don't have a good core, Reach out to us, as we can usually locate a good core for a fee. 

Shift tower pictured is a 81A-7222 out of a 39 passenger car, or 39-52 pickup. We can rebuild a number of different year cars. Please select which one you have from the drop down menu and send the tower to us, we will take it from there!