Rear End Spring Hangers Forged 2 1/4"

$ 94.99



Center of Housing to Center of Spring Perch: 6 5/8"
For Rear End Housing Tube Diameter: 3"
Fits 2 1/4" Wide Springs

Forged steel is easy to weld and offers a more traditional look than stamped steel components. Designed for use on 3" rearends such as the Ford 9". These brackets place the center of the spring perch 1 3/4" below the center of the rear end axle tube and mount straight back to work with straight aftermarket springs. The extra thick body provides extra strength so no gusset is required like thinner flame cut alternatives.


2 (TWO) Forged Steel Spring Hanger Mounts


These spring hangers are designed for most aftermarket applications. If using an original frame or spring, modifications may be required. Measure from the center of the rear end to the center of the spring eye location to ensure this part will fit your application.

Be sure to know what spring you will be using before welding on spring hangers. The center to center on the perch is determined by the width of the spring requirements.