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Porter Muffler Universal - Blue Ceramic Coating or Stainless Steel

$ 99.99

  • Each muffler is handmade using heavy duty 16 gauge aluminized tubing or 304 grade stainless steel
  • The uniquely designed spiral steel core interior chamber
  • Comes packed with stainless steel¬†packing to channel the exhaust and make that distinctive Porter Muffler sound
  • 3" Tubing on either end for easy clamp in installation, or welding installation
  • Available in 14" or 20" body lengths

All Porter Mufflers are non-directional, allowing them to be mounted in either direction. Exhaust gas passes through the center of the steel spiral core with the sound dissipating into the stainless-steel packing preventing drone. Unlike glass-packed mufflers, Their steel-packed mufflers will never break down.