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OTB Adjustable Headlight Conduit

$ 89.99

Universal application. Features hydraulic style, chrome plated brass fittings that can be removed, allowing conduit to be cut down and re-assembled at desired length. 4 wire design allowing for auxiliary turn signal lights. Teflon inner lining prevents kinking when bent. Available in black or stainless steel options. SOLD IN PAIRS


By far the nicest method of routing wires to headlights on non-fendered car applications. Constructed to the highest standards, including a teflon inner lining that prevent kinks when bending. Made with 4 pre-crimped wires running thru, allowing for turn signal or parking lights to be connected in the same wire loom, and wires extend out 6 inches from each end to make connections even easier. Hydraulic style, chrome plated brass fittings at each end make it easy to cut the conduit down to the correct length. 


2 (TWO) Headlight Conduit Lines with 4 Wires


One of the 4 wires in this assembly is designed for use as a ground. If using the conduit in conjunction with turn signals or parking lights, that are not internally grounded, you may need to splice the ground wire to ground both the headlight and auxiliary light.