Mullins Vega Steering Gear Box USA

$ 339.99



Input Shaft: 5/8" - 36 Spline
Output Shaft: 1" - 32 Spline Tapered
Turning Ratio: 22:1
Mounting Hole Sizes: 7/16"-14

Make no mistake, this is the highest quality Vega box available on the market and the most common steering gear box choice in the hot rod industry - for conventional cross steer applications. Now a Borgeson Product, this is the original 'Mullins' 140 box. Accepts standard Vega 5/8" - 36 spline universal joints and all standard 1" - 32 spline tapered Vega pitman arms. Rated for use with cars under 3,000 pounds.


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Mullins 22:1 Vega Steering Gear Box