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Ford F1 Steering Box Conversion For Model A to Flathead V8 1928-1931

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We are currently out of rebuildable cores. We can still rebuild your F1 box, Please call for assistance! 

Better steering for your AV8 hot rod

Upgrade the steering capability for your Model A to V8 conversion with the Old Yankee Speed Co. F1 flange set and a freshly reconditioned F1 steering box. We will adapt a stock F1 steering box specifically to fit the stock location on your Model A frame and supply you with most of the necessary connections. This setup will also allow you to reuse your factory Model A outer column tube by just cutting it to length and pairing it with our column drop. 

Our reconditioned steering box's are completed disassembled, sand blasted and cleaned with new bearings and races, seals and shims installed. The worm gear, steering shaft and sector shaft gear are also replaced if they're in poor condition. The original flange is carefully machined off and new Old Yankee flange is welded in the correct position for your Model A frame and the fuel tank steering column mount. Once reassembled, the box will be tested and set to Ford specifications. We also include the stainless outer flange, Model A column drop that fits Model A 1.75" column tubes, sector seal and extra shims for future adjustment. So ditch the poor steering design of the Model A box and the downstream fitment issues it causes.

What's Included

  • Reconditioning service for original box
  • Machining and fabrication service for new mounting flange
  • Old Yankee F1 steering mounting flange set
  • Fuel tank column mount and spacer for Model A column tube
  • 35-36 Pitman Arm fit for F1 steering box for modern drag link (recommended)
  • Column seal and extra steering shims for future adjustment


  • F1 Steering Box Core (based on availability)
  • New 48-52 F1 Pitman Arm for use with Model A style drag link
  • New F1 Steering Wheel

PLEASE NOTE: F1 inner shaft has a splined steering wheel end, not keyed. For a simple steering wheel solution, use a brand new F1 Steering wheel available below. 

Why do I need to change my Model A steering box?

First Model A's antiquated steering will now be more noticeable with the added power of a V8. The steering wheel not auto-return and you'll definitely feel more sloppiness in how the steering reacts. Second, if you intend on using headers with your Model A, the exhaust ports will interfere with the Model A stock steering box location. Causing a downstream effect of moving the box and mounting the column

Traditionally hot rod rodder's have solved this issue by using the 1948-1952 Ford F1 steering box because of its small size and superior steering experience when compared to Model A steering boxes. However in order to utilize the F1 box, you would be required machine the stock flange off and fabricating a new flange and weld it to the correct location. This is where our F1 Conversion solves the problem for you.

Do I need an 1948-1952 F1 core?

Not if we have cores in stock. However, if you do have a useable core, we recommend sending it in. We will give you a credit of $400 towards your purchase. Please Note: core will have to be inspected and approved for quality before issuing the credit.

What about shipping?

Shipping varies on location will be calculated according to your location at checkout. PLEASE NOTE: This service is not available for International orders.