Ford 3 Window Coupe Interior Door Handles Polished - 1932

$ 69.99

Part NumberPART NUMBER: RSC-59001

PART NUMBER:RSC-59001 PART NUMBER:RSC-59001 PART NUMBER:RSC-59001Brand new reproduction. Designed after 1932 Ford 3 Window long point style. Suits closed car applications. Investment cast stainless steel, polished. SOLD IN PAIRS


We are proud to present our reproduction interior door handles modeled after the very rare and hard to find 1932 Ford 3 window. Manufactured from investment cast stainless steel to prevent corrosion and pitting, and highly polished for a show quality finish. Although designed after the 3 Window, these handles will fit all closed car applications including 5 Window, Sedan, Vicky, and Pick-up. 

2 (TWO) 1932 Ford 3 Window Style Interior Door Handles


1932 Open Car uses a different handle mechanism than closed car. These handle will NOT work with open car mechanisms.