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Finned Frog Mouth Scoop 2 Barrel Air Cleaner

$ 79.99



Fits standard 2 barrel 2 5/8"

These Finned 'Mohawk' Frog Mouth 2 BBL air cleaner scoops really raise the bar in the industry. Made with high quality, cast aluminum, polished fins, and designed with the correct back spacing to sit correctly on the carburetor. Each air cleaner features a state of the art bug screen that not only stops the big stuff from getting in, but reduces the dirt and dust as well. The foam filter element has a stainless mesh screen on top and seats nicely at the base of the scoop. A stainless steel set screw is provided to lock the air cleaner in place after installation.


1 (ONE)
Finned Frog Mouth 2 BBL Air Cleaner
1 (ONE) Specialty Foam and S/S Bug Screen


Be sure to fasten air cleaner with provided set screw prior to use.