Clamp On Style Steering Stabilizer / Damper

$ 89.99


Clamp on design for 4-bar and hairpin applications using 7/8" OD tubing. The stabilizer acts as a shock for the steering to help reduce unwanted "death wobble" or "shimmy" and makes the steering smoother. The clamp is designed after an original tie rod clamp to offer a traditional look for the common 7/8" OD tubing. It is easy to install with no welding required. Designed for up to 6" of travel.


1 (ONE) Steering Stabilizer Kit
2 (TWO) Polished S/S 7/8" OD Tubing Clamps


This kit is designed to clamp around 7/8" diameter tubing. If using a 1" diameter tubing, the clamp will need to be replaced.