Bolt On Front Spring Clamp U-Bolt Kit With Bump Stop

$ 79.99



Fits Original and Aftermarket Ford Crossmembers 1928-1934
May Fit Other Applications

Inner Width: 2.375"

If you have ever tried removing your front end using standard u-bolts that can't be removed without taking out the radiator then you already know how clever this kit is. This kit simplifies shimming the front end and allows removing or installing the front end without the hassle of pulling the grill and radiator. The top plate can be set or welded on top of the crossmember or even cut down to weld on the front and back side of the crossmember. Uses an aluminum pillow block spacer to prevent damage to chrome or paint on the spring. An incorporated, low profile bump stop prevents damage to the paint or chrome on axles when using the common reverse eyed spring. This kit is also available with out the bump stop on this store. Search for Front Spring Clamp No Bump Stop in the search box to learn more.


1 (ONE)
Steel Upper Clamp Plate Threaded
1 (ONE) Steel Lower Clamp Plate Thru Hole
1 (ONE) Aluminum Spacer Pillow Block
1 (ONE) Low Profile Bump Stop
4 (FOUR) Clamping Bolts with Washers