Aldan American Brushed Aluminum Coil-Over Speed Shocks Adjustable - Specify Spring Weight

$ 599.99



See Technical Specifications for recommended spring rates based on application.

Upper Mounting ID: 5/8"
Lower Mounting ID: 5/8"
Extended Length: 13 1/2"
Compressed Length: 10"

Aldan American - Hot Rod coil over speed shocks are proudly made and designed here in the USA. They come with an adjustable rebound knob allowing 10 options for coil upward rebound speed; making it simpler to fine tune your suspension. The highest quality option available...
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2 (TWO) Brushed Alloy Shock Bodies
2 (TWO) Black Powder Coated Silicone Wire Springs
4 (FOUR) 5/8" ID Mounting Sleeves
8 (EIGHT) Urethane Bushing Halves


Always use lower mounting brackets specifically designed for use with coil over shocks.

Remember to always useĀ Anti-SeizeĀ on all stainless steel and aluminum parts.

Illustrations in the Technical Specifications tab are for reference of dimensions ONLY. They may not be an accurate reflection of what the part looks likeĀ and may not be drawn to scale.