Leakless Water Pump - Ford Model A 1928-1931

$ 139.99

Part Number: A-8503-B


Pump has a sealed ball bearing in the front and uses a stainless steel shaft with a snap ring in front of the bearing to prevent end play. Comes with a steel packing nut like the 30-31, but this will work in any year Model A.

Back end of the pump uses the A-8512-ZR cartridge that we sell. The positive aspect of this pump is that you never have to grease it. The drawback is, if the seals ever fail in the cartridge, you don't have an original nut with packing for a back-up like you do with our A-8502 style leakless pump. 

The impeller is the cut down version. Grease fittings are for appearance only, gasket and fan mounting kit are included.