'32 Ford Roadster 3" Chop Windshield Frame

$ 799.99

For use with 1932 Ford roadster and phaeton models. 3" chop.


Roadster Supply's reproduction 1932 roadster windshield frames are carefully crafted for proper alignment at the joint between the upper and lower half, and pivot mounting holes are machined for correct fitment. These frames come copper buffed and chrome plated for a show quality finish. This frame is also available in a 2" Chop on this store. Search for 2 Inch Chop Windshield in the search box to learn more.


1 (ONE) 3" Chopped 1932 Open Car Windshield Frame


This windshield frame was deigned as a 'smoothie' hot rod version of the original, it does NOT have the holes for original wiper motor mount or finger pulls.