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1932 Ford Chassis Model A Body

$ 11,971.99

1932 Ford Chassis Model A Body
  • Pinched 3/4″ per side so hood follows the frame rails.
  • Pinched 3/4″ per side in the rear to follow the body.
  • Bobbed rear frame horns.
  • Fully boxed frame rails for strength and appearance.
  • All Brackets Welded.
  • All Mounting holes have nuts welded in place.
  • Universal Transmission Mount accepts several motor and transmission combinations.
  • Motor Mounts.
  • Dropped axle I-Beam or Tube.
  • Pete & Jakes Hairpin or four bar.
  • Vega cross steer.
  • Front disc brakes.
  • Brake pedal.
  • Ladder bar or Four bar rear with Coil Overs.
  • 9″ Ford rearend with smooth housing and 11″ Drum brakes.
  • NOTE: This chassis will NOT accept stock fenders and requires body modifications

Call 978.848.0024 to add options:

  • Power Brake Option CCPJ-2004PB
  • SS 1″ 360° Plates & Wilwood Calipers CCPJ-2004SW
  • SS 1″ Finned Plates & Wilwood Calipers CCPJ-2004FW
  • Show Chrome on Front I-Beam Axle CCPJ-2004C
  • Show Chrome on Drilled Front I-Beam Axle CCPJ-2004CD
  • Clutch Kit CCPJ-2004CL
  • Chrome Front End Option CCPJ-2004CFE
  • Chrome on Posie Spring CCPJ-2004CSPR
  • Front Lincoln Drum Kit CCPJ-2004FLB
  • Brake Line Kit (Installed) CCPJ-2004L
  • Polished Stainless Steel Brake Lines with AN Fittings CCPJ-2004LP
  • Winter’s Polished Billet 9″ Ford Housing Option (with New Axles) CCPJ-2004PW
  • Pro-Street Option (Special Cut 9″ housing) CCPJ-2004PRO
  • Front Duel Flex Spring (Plain) CCPJ-2004FS
  • Front Duel Flex Spring (Chrome) CCPJ-2004FSC
  • So-Cal Hairpin Radius Rods (Polished) CCPJ-2004PH
  • C-Notched Rear Chassis CCPJ-2004NR
  • C-Notched Front CCPJ-2004NF
  • Chrome Spindles CCPJ-2004CSPN
  • Chrome Tie Rod Ends (Set of 2 Lefts & 2 Rights) CCPJ-2004CTR
  • Drilled/Slotted and Zinc Coated 1″ Rotors (Pair) CCPJ-2004DSR
  • Wilwood Rear Kit with E-Brake and Polished Calipers CCPJ-2004WR
  • Chrome Rear Four Bar® Kit CCPJ-2004CR4
  • Polished & Chrome Coil Over Shocks CCPJ-2004CC0
  • Chrome Rear Coil Over Bolt Kit CCPJ-2004CRH
  • Chrome Ladder Bars CCPJ-2004CLB
  • Headlight/Shockmount CCPJ-2004HS
  • Wishbones on Chassis CCPJ-2004WB
  • Chrome Wishbones on Chassis CCPJ-2004WBC