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Stromberg 97 Carburetor Standard Choke - 9510A

$ 524.99

This Stromberg 97 carburetor reproduction offers the highest quality, crafted to the original blueprints and featuring all original markings. Durable stainless steel linkage arms and twin ball S-Jet inlet valves are constructed inside the reinforced air horn. The factory-set brass floats and 0.045 main jets with #65 power valve deliver an impressive 162 CFM rating.

Featuring a cast iron, early-style, black lacquered base and all stainless-steel linkages, choke plates, springs, and more, Stromberg 97 Carburetor Standard Choke - 9510A is constructed with exceptional precision. The reinforced air horn and modern technology gasket prevents common leaks of its classic counterparts, while the new non-stick S-Jet inlet valve offers smooth operation. This product is also equipped with a high-quality, American-made brass float made with the original Stromberg dies.

  • Built to original Stromberg blueprint specification, with key improvements.
  • Black lacquered cast iron base
  • Factory-set brass float, made in the USA on original dies
  • Reinforced airhorn lid eliminates leaks
  • A big 97 and all the other correct markings
  • Twin-ball, no S-jet inlet valve
  • High tech cellulose/nitrile gaskets
  • 162cfm out of the box
1 (ONE)
Genuine 97 Stromberg Carburetor
1 (ONE) Base Gasket

    The Stromberg 97 Carburetor Standard Choke - 9510A must be installed and tuned correctly to maximize performance. Every 97 includes instructions for installation. Please contact us for more information on tuning.