Model A or B Engine Mount Kit for Model A Chassis - Ford 1928-1932

$ 229.99

Part Number: OYS-MAMM


The stock Ford Model A and B engine mounts were lackluster back when Henry made them, with a only single mounting point to the chassis. The original front mount provided poor support for the both the engine and transmission and transferred all the vibration of the drivetrain directly to the chassis itself. We've addressed this problem with a three part mounting system that will use the stock front engine mount bolt location and add two new mounting locations to the sides of the chassis using the stock Model A friction shock mounting location, V8 style mounts and rubber dampening biscuits. Increasing both strength and durability while reducing vibration. 

This mount kit is available in three versions and can be purchased with or without the stock Model A friction shock plates or the optional AV8 transmission mount upgrade. (Can also be used as just a front mount replacement while keeping the Model A mid-mounts in place)

PLEASE NOTE: This engine mount does not work with rare 1933-1934 Model B engines.

If using the stock Model A friction shocks with your application, and the Model A chassis is thin, we recommend choosing the option with the OYS shock support plates (PN# OYS-SMP8) for added strength. These shock plates are available for addition cost in the product selection drop downs.

Included in the basic kit: 

  • Model A or 1932 B engine mount
  • Chassis side mounts
  • V8 Style Rubber Biscuit Engine mounts
  • All Required Hardware is included

Optional Add Ons:

  • Shock mount support plates (+$40)
  • Transmission mount, additional V8 Style Rubber Biscuit Engine mounts, and Boxing plates (+$500)

Requirements for using this kit with Old Yankee AV8 transmission mount:

  • Narrow 1942-1948 3 Speed stock transmission mount (we often have these available for an additional cost, please call to find out)
  • Model A or B engine to the Model B transmission using the stock Model B intermediate housing as an adapter, or a Ford 3 Speed V8 transmission. Both options will require the use of a narrow transmission mount mentioned above.