Rebuilt Zenith Carburetor - Ford Model A 1928-1931

$ 549.99


This convenient service covers all versions of Zenith carburetor 1, 2 and 3.  

Each unit is completely disassembled, all passages hydrostatically cleaned, reconditioned with premium parts and setup to Ford green book specifications. Service replaces all emulsion tubes, jets, needles, gaskets and seals. If you do not have a core, matching your core type will depend on our inventory and there will be an additional charge. Please make the correct selection to see core charge added into the price.

If you need a late 1931 "side bowl" Zenith, please contact us before placing your order to ensure we have stock (if a core is needed). Side bowl carbs are an additional $100.

If you're sending us your core to be rebuilt, please allow 2 weeks processing time in addition to the estimated shipping time. Also, if we are rebuilding your core, the basic rebuild service doesn't include any butterfly components, venturi, secondary well, adjustment needle housing, floats or missing/damaged throttle or choke hardware. These components will be an additional charge as needed. You will be contacted for the additional charges. However, if purchasing a complete core from us, these additional items, if worn beyond repair, will be replaced at no additional cost to you.

When sending us your Zenith carburetor core to be rebuilt, ensure it is a good core! We cannot accept cores with drilled out threads, cracks, etc. Cores received without a good float will be billed for the cost of a new float. Double venturi carburetors were used in early production and can be identified by the fact that the lower casting did not have threads for a secondary well.




1.) Download and print out a rebuild request form. Fill out the form completely. Be sure to include this form in the box when shipping your core to us. Download form now

2.) Add the rebuild service service to your cart and place your order for the service on our website. We will contact you once we receive your core.

PLEASE NOTE: Your core will be inspected prior to beginning service. When packing your core up to ship, ensure to bubble wrap and double box it to prevent any damage. Millworks is not responsible for any core that has been sent and damaged during shipping (you will be contacted if so). We also recommend that you obtain shipping option with a tracking number for your shipment.