Premium Spindle Mount Finned Front Brake Kit

$ 749.99


Fits 37-41 Ford Round Back Style Spindles
For Use With American Rebel 'Starburst' Spindle Mount Wheel (Not Included)

This kit bolts directly to the American Rebel 'Starburst' wheel and features polished CNC aluminum caliper brackets, hot rod finned and vented polished Corvette style aluminum calipers with pads, and vented, 10 3/4" X 0.810" Wilwood style rotors. No bearing adapter required, narrowing track width over alternatives. This kit is machined for, and includes bolts for blind hole steering arms. If using Thru hole style arms, use are specialty machined thru hole steering arm bolts (AHR-60303). Accepts 10mm X 1 brake line fittings. All bearings, seals, and spindle nuts included. Wheels, spindles, steering arms, king pin kit, and brake fittings are NOT included in this kit, they are shown for reference only. 


2 (TWO) Vented 10.750" X 0.810 Rotors
1 (ONE)
Bearing and Seal kit
2 (TWO) Finned Aluminum Calipers 1 (ONE) Complete Mounting Bolt Kit
2 (TWO) CNC Machined Caliper Brackets 1 (ONE) Spindle Nut Kit


Remember to always use Anti-Seize on all stainless steel and aluminum parts.

Spindles, steering arms, king pins, etc... are not included in this kit, they are shown for reference only.