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Flathead V8 Cloth Covered Solid Core Spark Plug Wires - RFI Suppression - Universal Fit Black with Red Tracer

$ 99.99


This kit includes 25 feet of premium vintage cloth covered 7mm solid core (also known as carbon core) RFI suppression ignition wire, 90 degree boot or rajah spark plug ends, original style rubber coil boot, original style rubber boot distributor ends, and straight distributor terminal ends.

The wire has been cut to rough lengths (33") to fit Flathead V8's with the 90 degree spark plug ends and coil boot installed. Leaving the distributor side for you to finish cut to a neat and tidy length for your hot rod or stock early Ford.

These RFI suppression core wires are safe to use with Stromberg eFire distributors, providing proper resistance and radio frequency protection at a fraction of the cost of EMI vintage wire sets.

NOTE: For added EMI protection, please see our EMI spark plug wire sets.